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1 Day till Kickstarter!

1 Day till Kickstarter!

And Giant Koblin-Spider Preview! (below)

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Preview: Giant koblin-spider

A horrific hybrid creature, revered by other koblins.

Huge 7th level spoiler [beast]

Initiative: +8

Scissoring mandibles +12 vs. AC (two attacks)—40 damage

Natural even hit: The target is stuck (save ends).

Natural odd hit: The target is hampered (save ends).

C: Caustic webbing +12 vs. PD (one nearby or far-away enemy, plus one enemy engaged with the koblin-spider)—5 ongoing acid damage and the target is stuck (save ends both)

Limited use: 1/round, as a quick action.

Climber: The spider can move on just about any surface that can support its weight.

Nastier Specials

Dripping with poison: Stuck or hampered enemies engaged with the koblin-spider take 10 poison damage at the start of their turns.

AC      24

PD      21                       HP 333

MD     15

(Giant koblin-spiders and everything else subject to change before final release.)

Kickstarting Now: The Overworld and Beyond

Kickstarting Now: The Overworld and Beyond

Two Days till Kickstarter!

Two Days till Kickstarter!