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Elemental Guardian

Elemental Guardian

Here’s a 13th Age elemental that will be found in The Overworld and Beyond.

Elemental Guardian

This being physically embodies the idea of the four elements.

Large 12th level wrecker [elemental]

Initiative: +16

Elemental flux fists +17 vs. AC—100 force damage

Natural even hit: 40 ongoing fire damage.

Natural odd hit: 80 cold damage, and the target is stuck until it takes fire damage.

Natural even miss: All enemies in contact with the ground take 2d20 thunder damage.

Natural odd miss: All engaged enemies take 20 lightning damage and pop free.

C: Elemental vortex +17 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies, or 1d3 far away enemies in a group)—60 force damage and 30 ongoing damage (fire, cold, thunder, or lightning depending on which elemental realm it is in).

Elemental immunity: On turns when the escalation die is odd, this creature takes no damage from fire, cold, thunder, or lightning attacks.


Pick One, Determined by Which Elemental Realm the Guardian Is In

Hotter than hell: Enemies engaged with the guardian take 20 fire damage at the start of their turns.

Flows like the waves: The guardian automatically pops free when it moves and cannot be intercepted while moving.

Stronger than the mountains: The guardian has +3 AC.

Quick as the wind: The guardian can move as a quick action, flying if it chooses to.

AC 28

PD 26  HP 765

MD 22

Elemental Guardians and the Icons from Gods and Icons

Blue Aoife makes great use of elemental guardians, whom she sees as allies. Thrice-Wise Mercurius and Queen Tanadil use them as well, but as tools rather than allies. Occasionally these creatures will be seen in the service of Lady Akuma, Lord Ikal, or Ghiama.

And So It Begins

And So It Begins

Naming NPCs

Naming NPCs