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Queen Tanadil Preview

Here's a little preview of a new icon from Gods and Icons:

Tanadil, High Queen of the Fey

Queen Tanadil

Ambiguous Icon. Queen of High Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and Gnomes.


Queen of dark elves, high elves, wood elves, gnomes, and the forgeborn crafted by her gnome smiths, Tanadil makes ruling such a diverse group of peoples effortless. Like her ancestors, she’s tied to the natural world which she “improves” with magic. She has made waves with her recent (the last few centuries) embrace of gnomish technology married to elvish magic.

One result is the forgeborn, or gnome-forged, a race of clockwork people. Another result is magic is leaking into the world, making it ever more wild and unpredictable. Much like the queen.


For the queen, all politics is personal. Find out what a person wants and marry that to what the fey nation needs you create progress. She has scores of retainers that keep the nation going while the queen is elsewhere.


The Queen’s Shadow is a group of mostly drow spies and assassins with a few half, high and wood elves as faces and infiltrators. They can call upon redcaps and other fey monsters when needed.

The Moonspinners are a group of casters who specialize in rituals that change the natural world in ways that appeal to the elves’ aesthetic.

The Silver Circle is a social and martial organization of drow. They create great works underground that rival the dwarves. They are not known for kindness or mercy. Many drow adventures hail from this circle.

The Circle of Light is a group of high elves. They include magicians of terrible power. More than a few have become adventurers.

The Gray Circle collects some of the most talented and powerful wood elves into an organization that keeps the queen’s forests secure. This is another organization that has spawned its share of adventurers.

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