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Katalua: The Destroyer Preview

Here's a preview of Katalua: The Destroyer, one of the Bright Gods of Gods and Icons. Katulua

In Katalua is the destructive force of the end of life, unbinding the soul from the body. She is the goddess who unravels plans, creates new opportunities, and removes obstacles. Yet in her paradise of an afterlife, there is endless peace and joy. Her duality, then, is in struggle and rest. The Thirsty God Koatiri greatly influenced Katalua as she is worshipped today, from her imagery as the sun to her association with decay. She was originally a goddess of time, a compliment and lover to Perikalo, and some stories retain that relationship and its domain.

Iconography: Katalua’s color is yellow: her images are female likenesses carved in gold and bronze and oakheart. Her hair spreads out around her like sunrays. In her hands are a key and a sword.

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Queen Tanadil Preview

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