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New to Numenera? What do you need?

New to Numenera? What do you need?


Maybe you've heard about this Numenera game, roleplaying 1 billion years in the future, but where do you start, what do you need? Art by James E Shields

First of all, Numenera is a roleplaying game. You need a few friends. One of you will be the Games Master (GM), the others will be the players. I suggest at least two, preferable three players. I like five players, but some people prefer less.

OK, you have your friends, what else? The GM needs the core book. The players need dice (they can share). What kind of dice? d100 (percentile dice), d20 (twenty sided dice) and d6 (six siders, aka normal dice). If you're experienced in other roleplaying games, you probably have the dice. Your local hobby shop probably has lots of dice (and the core book as well), or if you don't have a good game store near you, the internet is your friend.

You can download free character sheets here.

If you are an experienced GM, most of the published adventures are good for beginning player characters. If you're already good at improvising, read through the four adventures in the back of the core book just to get an idea of the system. If you want an easy introduction to GMing Numenera, start with The Beale of Boregal in the core book. It was written to teach the rules as you go.

That's it. Go have fun.

In the next post, I talk about what's the one book I recommend you get next?

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