The Sun Below: City on the Edge

An epic Numenera Adventure, available now!

Dread Unicorn Games

What if I told you there is a world below this one? A world with its own sun? Full of strange peoples, amazing discoveries, and unspeakable horror? Finding your way down to this world is almost impossible. Finding a way back up, well, that’s worse.

Cover for The Sun Below: City on the Edge adventure for Numenera

Older than some of the lights in the night sky, the world of The Sun Below lies deep under the surface of the world. A massive tube, some 5 miles (8 km) tall by 20 miles (32 km) wide spirals through the crust from pole to pole. This underground world has seen the rise and fall of numerous sentient species and their civilizations. Many of its peoples have barely heard of The World Above, except as legend. Lit by its own sun, (or suns, that is in dispute), and holding a thick atmosphere, the world below hosts many strange flora, fauna, and things not so easily classified.


The Sun Below: City on the Edge is also available as part of The Sun Below Bundle.

Dread Unicorn Games


Living for Crits: “Let me say now, very clearly, that this… is… BRILLIANT!”

“The adventure shares a similar layout as the Numenera Corebook, with callouts and pertinent information listed along the edges of the main text, which makes running this adventure very easy. Frankly, if I didn’t know already that this was a third-party licensee, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.” Read the whole review here.

Origins of a Dark God: “Well worth the price. The flexibility you get from this supplement is staggering. The setting is weird and interesting, the adventure is flexible, and the creatures are inventive. There is enough material here to continue to bring your characters to the world below even after the main adventure has been completed.” Read the whole review here.

GM Intrusions: "Just as good as an official product -- in some ways I think actually better." "Well done, professional..." The review starts at 31:39, but the entire podcast is well worth a listen. Listen to the whole review here.

Session Notes

James Walls recounts his group's path through The Sun Below: City on the Edge. Spoilers abound, so this is for GM's only. James didn't have time to run the entire adventure, so he put his own capstone in about halfway though the adventure. A great example of making a published adventure your own.