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New to Numenera II, What's Your Second Book?

I am an exiled Jack who Consorts With the Dead.

I talked about what you need to play Numenera in my last post.

Before I talk about what you might want to get next, check out this wonderful new video on How to Play Numenera from Monte Cook Games.

Now that you know what you need to play, you may notice all these other books and gaming aids available. What do you need next?

Numenera-Character-Options-Preview-Available-384x500I recommend Character Options, and you can get a free preview here. This book opens up the field for players with over a hundred new options to choose from.

In Numenera, you create your character by filling in the blanks of:

I am an <ADJECTIVE> <NOUN> who <VERBS>.

The core book gives players plenty of choices, and Character Options expands the list considerably. It includes over 40 new adjectives and dozens of new verbs. New adjectives (called descriptors) include Exiled, Guarded, and Weird. New verbs (foci) include Consorts With the Dead, Fights Dirty, and Moves Like a Cat.

There are no new nouns (types)--you still use the three from the core book: glaives (warriors), nanos (nano-tech wizards), and jacks (jacks of all trades). But now you can be a Guarded Jack who Fights Dirty.

When a player spends experience points, they can gain powers based on their type. New fighting moves for glaives in Character Options include Danger Sense and Daring Escape. New esoteries (spells) for nanos include Force Field and Wormhole. Additions to ticks of the trade for jacks include Erase Memories and Uncanny Luck.

All these new powers fit perfectly with those found in the core book. Players can mix and match from both books.

There are also rules that allow characters to switch descriptors and foci, and play beyond sixth-tier.

That's my recommendation, if you get a second Numenera book, get Character Options. If you can, I'd suggest having a copy before you make new characters at the start of your campaign. My players love it.

OK, now back to editing The Sun Below: City on the Edge. It's getting close, I promises my preciouses!

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New to Numenera? What do you need?

New to Numenera? What do you need?