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The Sun Below: City on the Edge -- available late September

When I started this project I had a vision of a much smaller adventure. Instead I have over 35k words and a lot of wrangling to do to make it a product I can be proud of. I want it to be an adventure you'll be proud to own. It just kind of grew. So, to let that happen, we're moving the ship date to late September.

As a consolation prize here's a picture from GenCon, featuring The Sun Below: City on the Edge lead artist Reece Ambrose (in the red circle).

Reece Ambrose with Monte Cook Games at GenCon

If you own a copy of The Strange (and you should), you'll see Reece is one of the artists. GenCon is where Numenera won Product of the Year.

And speaking of art, check out the new Art Gallery.

See Reece's experiences at GenCon here.

And, of course, The Sun Below: City on the Edge, is available now.

GenCon 2014: Post Con Reflections

Numenera: Product of the Year!