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Numenera: Product of the Year!

Congratulations to everyone at Monte Cook Games! And to all the other outstanding winners and nominees.

The 2014 Ennie Awards last night at GenCon were dominated by Numenera in a field of strong roleplaying games. FATE and Pathfinder also did very well, and if you add up all the Cthulhu titles from different publishers, Great Cthulhu did fine as well.

This is great news for licensed Numenera products like The Sun Below: City on the Edge, as it should expose even more players to Numenera. The more people who try Numenera, the more who will like it, and the bigger the market for licensed add-ons.

Gold Sliver Total
Numenera 5 4 * 9
Fate 3 3 **** 6
Pathfinder 6 *** 6
Trail of Cthulhu 1 1 2
Achtung! Cthulhu 2 2
Pathfinder Battles ** 1 1 2
Razor Coast *** 1 1
Mutants and Masterminds 1 1
Savage Worlds 1 1
Hobbit Tales 1 1
Call of Cthulhu 1 1
Pathfinder Card Game ** 1 1
Spirit of the Century **** 1 1
13th Age 1 1
Deadlands 1 1

* You could argue this should be 5, as the silver for Podcast went to Numenera, The Signal. But since it not a game, I left it off.

** I split the Pathfinder branded non-roleplaying games out because they are different games.

*** Razor Coast is a licensed Pathfinder adventure.

**** Spirit of the Century is based on FATE.

The Sun Below: City on the Edge -- available late September

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