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The Race is On! Like Donkey Kong!

Mom and Connor I just got back from the National Poetry Slam in Oakland, where I had a blast. My mom and I got to see my son compete. He made it to the finals in group pieces! (Poems with more than one poet performing them.) Those slam poets can do so much in so few words. They get 3 minutes to recite their poem and it's over.

This is great inspiration for me, as I'm in editing mode for The Sun Below: City on the Edge right now.

The final art is coming in. Here's the Throne Room:

Throne Room

Here's the first sketch Justin sent me: The Throne Room.

But what about the race? I am attempting to ship in August, and the project is still in editorial, and hasn't even started layout. But August 31st counts, right? Fingers and toes crossed!

Of course, quality first. If it's not ready, it's not ready. I'll have a better handle on the time required to ship this epic adventure soon.

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