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October Game News

5E Fantasy Backpacks Cover.png

Fantasy Backpack Cards Released!

What’s in your wallet? Er, backpack?

When you look at your character sheet and see "Burglar's Backpack," do you need to look it up in the book each and every time? Wouldn’t it be easier—and much more fun—to have our new Backpack Deck at your table? This deck has seven cards for each of the seven backpacks from the Fifth Edition of DnD.

Get the Print and Play version here:

Get the professionally printed version here:

The Sun Below: That’s How the Light Gets In

ThtLGI cover 4.png

Sad to say, this Numenera adventure has slipped badly with the move of both our writer and editor. Unfortunately our editor’s priority is getting our house move-in ready. We hope to ship this winter.

In editorial now.

The Tower in the Mist

Tower in the Mist 5E Cover.jpg

by John WS Marvin, the classic fantasy adventure comes to 5th Edition DnD!

This adventure will be targeted at 2nd-level DnD characters. The healing fog has turned deadly, and an ancient relic that was supposed to prevent that has been corrupted. Somewhere in the Tower in the Mist lies the terrible truth. Will the PCs restore the relic and save the locals, or will they be just another group who climbed up to the Tower in the Mist and never returned?

In development now.

The Visitor

Small Ship.png

by John WS Marvin, a bio-punk GUMSHOE adventure for Ashen Stars

The PCs are off to find out what happened to a missing archeological expedition to the Mirage system. They’ll get no help from the locals who have troubles of their own. When ancient alien artifacts come to life and humans give birth to machines, the PCs will find themselves up against an existential threat to the Bleed.

Pumpkin Man by JeShields

A Deck of Cards on your Phone

A Deck of Cards on your Phone

The Tower in the Mist for 5th Edition DnD

The Tower in the Mist for 5th Edition DnD