Fantasy Backpack Cards

Fantasy Backpack Cards


What’s in your walet? Er, backpack?

Pass these cards out during your games of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Keep the rulebook closed and concentrate on the fun.

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When you look at your character sheet and see "Burglar's Backpack," do you need to look it up in the book each and every time? This deck has seven cards for each of the seven backpacks from the Fifth Edition of DnD.

  • Burglar's Pack

  • Diplomat's Pack

  • Dungeoneer's Pack

  • Entertainer's Pack

  • Explorer's Pack

  • Priest's Pack

  • Scholar's Pack

The back of each card shows an illustration of the pack and it's contents. The front lists out everything in easy, readable format. The different card types are also color coded, so it's easy to tell on pack from another.

Can also be used as treasure. What's in the backpack of that dead dwarf at the bottom of the pit?

Can be used in any fantasy roleplaying game when you want shorthand for what adventurers might be carrying in their packs.