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Cypher System Creature: Child of Golthnor

The Child of Golthnor is found in The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady. For more on this horror, and it's parents, see the adventure. Without the adventure, just gloss over it's parentage. TiersThis eldritch horror is designed as an extreme challenge to any tier party, from tier one to tier six. Need a transdimensional boss fight? The child is here to help. Stats are presented in three groups, separated by /s. The first stat is for tiers 1 and 2. The second for tiers 3 and 4. The last for tiers 5 and 6.

Child of Golthnor 6/8/10 (18/24/30)

Dread Unicorn Games; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Numenera adventure

This transdimensional child of a synite and Golthnor is a sanity-blasting monstrosity. It usually stays invisible, but once it attacks, it shows its true form: a 16 foot (5 m) synite saucer covered in weeping red eyes and lipless drooling mouths. Atop the saucer is a writhing mass of purple trunks and tendrils, some ending in eyes, others in fanged maws.

The first Child of Golthnor the PCs meet has a lumpy humanoid face that stares out in horror from this mass of corruption, whispering, “Help me,” in a dozen languages, including Truth. Perhaps this is a face the PCs have met before in happier circumstances.

Motive: Open the door between worlds and let Golthnor in. Seek out esoteries that deal with transdimensional entities. Eat mass quantities of fresh meat.

Environment: Any, especially near a portal to other dimensions.

Health: 18/30/42

Damage Inflicted: 6/8/10

Armor: 3/10/25 vs. normal physical weapons; 1/3/6 vs. numenera weapons and esoteries.

Movement: Short (flying)

Modifications: Speed defense 8/10/10 when invisible; 5/7/9 when visible. Those in thrall to Golthnor are immune to the Child’s sanity blasting attacks.

Combat: When invisible, approaching within 100 feet (30 m) causes an Intellect attack that does 3/4/5 points of Intellect damage if not resisted. To physically attack, the Child must become visible.

When visible, looking at it the first time causes an Intellect attack that does 6/12/18 points of Intellect damage.

A Child of Golthnor attacks twice per round, with a bite and a constricting trunk.

Bite: 7/9/11 points of damage

Twisted jaws clamp down on your flesh and grind back and forth. Will the pain ever stop?

Trunk: 11/15/19 points of damage from crushing and blood drain. Target must escape the next round to avoid automatic crushing and blood drain.

You can’t breath and it feels like your ribcage is about to pop. Dozens of mouths burrow into your wounds and suck. Your head spins as your blood is drained. The trunk holds on, obviously unsated.

Interaction: Will only assist those in thrall to Golthnor.

Use: This creature is great for defending a portal that Golthnor is trying to open.

Loot: The saucer yields 1d6 squirming bio-mechanical cyphers.

GM Intrusion: A mass of tendrils reaches for the face of someone in immediate range, level 8/10/10. If it hits, it forces the target’s mouth open, and a wriggling mass of pus with worm-like appendages slides down the victim’s throat. Move down one step on the damage track and gain the Gibbering descriptor until Golthnor is defeated (use Mad if you don't have The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady).

Options: In a Cypher System horror game where you are using shock levels, the Child of Golthnor counts as mind-bending. Any encounter that ends up with a Child of Golthnor is a great excuse for using Horror Mode.

In a recursion of The Strange, a Child of Golthnor may be a mad-science child of a robot and a planetovore.

More: Follow the link for more information on The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady.

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