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Gods and Icons: Example Boons

Gods and Icons; 13th Age; Dread Unicorn Games; Baron Von VorlatchGods and Icons has hundreds of ideas you can use as Icon Relationship results. Pick what works for your group, roll the dice and see what happens, or mix and match. You could roll for the general form of the boon and pick the specific. Here are some example boons you get from 5s and 6s. Next time we'll have some example complications from 5s.

In the dungeon example: The Player Character gets Hugely Important Information from an agent of an icon. A whispering wind tells her in elvish how to find a secret door. This door leads to a secret passage around the demon guards directly ahead of the party. They can skip the guards and move deeper into the story.

An in town example: Here a PC gets a one shot item. A clockwork owl comes to the window with a note. The note shows him where in a giant's lair he hides an epic level magic potion of fire resistance that will come in handy when the character faces the red dragon. As the GM you already had the giant and red dragon encounter planned, so you rolled for a potion and picked fire resistance.

A wilderness example: This time the player gets a true magic item. A white stag stares into a character's eyes and gives them a vision. They see a shining magical sword corrupted by an evil priest and given to an fell knight. Then they see a ritual that would cleanse the corruption and return it into a sword fit for a hero. Now when they meet the knight with the magic sword, they will know how to make it their own. After they deal with the small matter of the evil knight and her minions.

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