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Remembering to Ask

Back on Wait! Something Important, I talked about not remembering to do things I know I should do as a GM. feedbackI just finished a 14 month campaign, and asked everyone what they thought about it. I got a ton of great feedback: More images/drawings for visual types, less combat for more investigative types, more character advancement,intrigue would be great. Next campaign could we have intrigue?

Great feedback. So what's the problem?

I got this at the end of the campaign. If I had asked a half a year earlier, I would have gotten very similar feedback. And could have made that six month more fun for everyone.

Now, some players will give you feedback unasked. But most of mine will not.

OK, new rule. First game of the month, I ask for feedback on the campaign.

What do you think? Do you have methods to get feedback regularly?

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