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The Sun Below: City on the Edge, Available Now!

At long last, the PDF version of The Sun Below: City on the Edge, is available now at

CotE TitleWhat if I told you there is a world below this one? A world with its own sun? Full of strange peoples, amazing discoveries, and unspeakable horror? Finding your way down to this world is almost impossible.

Finding a way back up, well, that’s worse.

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The Sun Below: City on the Edge, an epic adventure for Numenera that takes place deep below the surface of the Ninth World. What starts as an investigation into the aftermath of the Iron Wind soon turns to kiddnapping, a strange journey to an even stranger city.

Who will the player characters trust? Will they escape The City on the Edge?

An adventure for any tier party that your players will never forget.


Hipster PDA + (Numenera or The Strange) == Awesome Sauce

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