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Overworld and Beyond Available in Print

Overworld and Beyond Available in Print

More Ash Law goodness in print. Get yours now and travel to the planes in style. A planar hopping adventure that will rock your campaign.

The Carrow Hills

An amazing backwater setting you can stick in your world that includes towns, wilderness, and gates to other worlds. Use this setting for a 1st - 4th level sandbox as weirdnesses bleed in from other worlds.

Attack of the Koblins

A fast-paced 5th-6th level adventure that has PCs up against forces from another world. When extra-planar energies fuse goblin, kobold, and giant spider, look out! 

Further Adventures in the Carrow Hills

Flying ships, magical obelisks, lost idols and more. Adventure hooks to keep your players excited.

Life, Death, Rebirth

This adventure is intended for parties of upper champion tier to lower epic tier (7th-8th level), involving travel to multiple realms and classic “hex-crawl” style exploration. What out for the plane of flesh, the garbage heap of the multiverse, and a beastal world of trees.

Into the Overworld

There's a 9th-10th level adventure that has the PCs traveling to myriad other planes: the City at the Edge of Dawn, the Elemental Realms, the Fleshscape, the Green, the Lightless Realm, and the Middenlands. A mad wizard has damaged the connections to the planes, and the power to stop him is scattered among the realms.

The City at the Edge of Dawn Gazetteer

Where the Psychedelic Ocean trips into the Waterfall of Eternity lies the City at the Edge of Dawn. Also known as the City of Portals, the Eternal City, The Wheel of Angels, the One True City, and many other names—to its inhabitants it is simply “the City.” Whenever you need a steampunk transdimensional city of intrigue, the City at the Edge of Dawn awaits your thrilling adventures.

The Realm-Walker Class

Walkers between realities, travelers of the secret ways. Some are guardians of whole realities, some are cosmic vagabonds, others are simply lost. All know more about the inner workings of the universe than most wizards will ever learn, knowledge gained first-hand.

The heart of the realm-walker is teleportation. Right from 1st level you’ll be teleporting around the battlefield, unleashing waves of force and making fast hit-and-run melee attacks. You aren’t that tough, so you rely upon speed and maneuverability.

The Void-Caller Class

You are a void-caller—an adventurer soul-bound to a strange creature from another realm. How and why your fate came to be entangled with this strange creature we leave down to you, though it probably ties in to your one unique thing.

The void-caller class is two characters in one—the void-caller and their companion voidbeast, bound to them until the day that they (both) die. As the void-caller you’ll probably spend most of your time in battle avoiding being targeted while goading your void-beast to attack your enemies.


Plus a bestiary, magic items, new player races, realm feats, 13 Weird Worlds, 13 Peculiar People, and more!

IMPORTANT: If you are a Kickstarter backer who backed at the level to get a print copy, yours in on it’s way. No need to buy anything else. Though they make great gifts!



Overworld in Print & Light Gets In Playtest

Overworld in Print & Light Gets In Playtest