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Welcome to Dread Unicorn Games. We hope you enjoy our games.

New Website


Welcome to the new Dread Unicorn Games website. We have our own store now, and we hope you like what you see. Let us know what you think.

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New Numenera Adventure in the Works!

In the Works

We have a few projects in the works:

  • A 13th Age Roleplaying Game title we can't go into right now, but stay tuned. I think 13th Age fans will be excited.
  • For Fifth Edition of the Worlds Most Popular roleplaying game, we have a deck of cards in the works that tracks both conditions, and factions, building on the faction system in The Gods Have Spoken.
  • For Numenera, we're busy with the design of The Sun Below: That's How the Light Gets In.



Mutating the Mind Flayer

Mutating the Mind Flayer

The Gods and Icons Upgrade Pack is Here!

The Gods and Icons Upgrade Pack is Here!