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Roll20Con 2016

I had a really fun day at Roll20Con, followed by a real frustrating evening. poster

I'll start with the evening, and then get to the good stuff. I should be GMing as I write this, but my second game never started. We had constant audio/video crashes. 2 players showed up, 3 were no shows. I really needed 3 players, plus the sound went out every 2 minutes. The video with it.

My advice to the Roll20 folk, work on stability, not new features. It's very hard to sit on top of the (flaky) internet, and with the increased usage of the con, things were failing.

OK, let it go. Deep breath. I really did have a good day. I got to watch 3 great twitch shows.


I watched Marketplace Creator, Publishing in the Digital Age, and the 13th Age game. All were great fun. Then at 1:30, I ran my game: ColdSnap for 13th Age. We had a blast! I even sneaked in some content from Gods and Icons.

The final battle ended with the cleric turning crits from double damage to triple damage and the swashbuckling rogue jumping on the back of the white dragon and critting. Epic end to a 1st level adventure!

8041-White Dragon Facing East

I made a few macros for the official 13th Age character sheets. In case anyone cares, here are a few:

Attack Macros: Attacks are special. You don't tell it to roll a d20 or put it in [[]], so here is the dex-based rogue attack:


Just change DEX  to WIS, STR, or whatever for the attack.

Barbarian Rage Attack: I couldn't get it to work in the attack place, so I put it in a custom action:

[[1d20cs>11 + @{STR-mod} + @{level} + ?{Modifiers:|0}]], 
[[1d20cs>11 + @{STR-mod} + @{level} + ?{Modifiers:|0}]]

This flags both d20 rolls to crit (put a green box around the result) if they get 11+. I added some text saying "If both rolls crit, you crit."

Hit Damage. Here's the sorcerer's Breath of the White Damage:

[[3d6 + @{CHA-mod}]] cold damage

Miss Damage: Pretty much all the time it's either a hard coded 0 or:


I know, all this seems like crazy talk. And it is. But this explains it best.

Most of the rest is entering (copying and pasting) text. The lack of word wrap is annoying, but you get used to it.



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