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Sleeping Lady, In Layout (Spoiler)

Spoiler Alert! GMs Only!

The current status of The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady is "In Layout." What the heck does In Layout mean, anyway? Well, it means this:

Numenera: The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Dread Unicorn GamesHere is the work in progress. If this picture goes there, this text must follow with it. Oops, I inserted some text, and now the picture is on the wrong page. And don't ask about those callouts on the sides of the pages...

One more screen capture:

Numenera; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Layout

I enjoy layout, but I'm ready for it to be over. Once I get the PDF download laid out, then I get to re-layout the product for print. Yay!

Poll: How do you use rpg PDFs?

Just how big of a Sleeping Lady?