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Preview: The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady

Numenera; Adventure; The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady; Cyper SystemComing soon, The Sun Below: Sleeping Lady, another epic adventure for Numenera.

From the Synopsis

Mor-Klish needs help. He left his team down in the numenera mines, and he asks the characters to bring them out. He waxes poetic about the wonderful new chambers they just unlocked – vast spaces full of numenera and pulsing with energy and perhaps intelligence.

On the way, the PCs encounter a sleep-walking young woman (Storm, manifesting as Sun Storm), and her daughter Lebby. Lebby tells the characters “You really should leave now, or find me another sleeper.” The pair vanish before the party can find out more. As the PCs explore the interior of Orb Mountain, they have more encounters with Storm in her various manifestations, often with her daughter Lebby. Lebby wants to wake Storm and will try and get a character to agree to take her place. What all this means is not immediately clear.

The PCs also find the crow-like murken skulking around and may find a broken automaton who has a story to tell if the characters repair it.

At this point, two forces have been set in motion. First, Orb Mountain is repairing itself and if not stopped, will take flight and become the lost moon Liluna, destroying the slithik town of Bursang. Second, Gothnor is slowly gaining control of the data nodes inside the moon and, if not stopped, will return to the world and put an end to both reality and sanity.

An adventure for all tiers, with new creatures, cyphers, and artifacts.

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