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A Terrible Journey Part II

Hidden Naresh2See Part I here. Are you paying attention apprentices?

Let the gatekeeper do her work. She will insert an egg shaped object that will graft onto your spine. Do not fight this, the egg is necessary.

At this point she will open the black door. Enter the door without a word. Walk a hundred paces and keep your hands in front of your face. Yes, they will be cut, but better them than your face. You will feel a fetid breeze from your left. Turn right and find the latch. Pull the latch and fall into the chute.

Lie on your back as you slide in total darkness. Fold your arms across your chest and ignore the voices. Especially your own.

The end of this trial is almost over. You will drop down into a terrible pit and the egg will spout dragonfly wings from your back. Up, you must fly toward the violet cavern.

After this, there are more trials. Could it be any more difficult to find your way to the world below? To bask in the light of the white sun?

I myself have searched for easier ways down. We combed the Westwood of Navarene, the Plains of Kataru, and outside the city of Uxphon, in the Black Riage. No luck.

For now, class dismissed. I fear even speaking about Hidden Naresh stresses my old mind.

– Charis Kos, Aeon Priest

The Throne Room

A Terrible Journey -- Part I