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The Overworld and Beyond

by Ash Law

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That's How the Light Gets In

A Numenera adventure for all tiers. Winter 2018

In editorial and playtest now!

The Overworld and Beyond is a planar hopping adventure for 13th Age by Ash Law. It includes a backwater setting you can stick in your world that includes towns, wilderness, and gates to other worlds.

There's a 5th-6th level adventure that has PCs up against forces from another world.

There's a 9th-10th level adventure that has the PCs traveling to myriad other planes: the City at the Edge of Dawn, the Elemental Realms, the Fleshscape, the Green, the Lightless Realm, and the Middenlands.

Plus pages of adventure hooks, a bestiary, 13 Weird Worlds, 13 Peculiar People, and more!

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By John WS Marvin, the Sun Below saga continues!

A transdimensional adventure like no other. Someone has stolen the Sun Below, and you have to get it back.

A web of adventure with options to fight, sneak, and/or bluff your way to victory. If you can overcome the mysteries and horrors that lurk beyond our dimension.

Includes a new character flavor (like in the Cypher System): the Plane Walker, by Megan Tolentino and Aser Tolentino. Plus a great selection of new oddities, cyphers, and artifacts that every transdimensional explorer needs. Not to mention a transdimensional bestiary.

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