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The Sun Below: That’s How the Light Gets In

The Sun Below: That’s How the Light Gets In

By John WS Marvin, the Sun Below saga continues!

A transdimensional adventure like no other. Someone has stolen the Sun Below, and you have to get it back.

A web of adventure with options to fight, sneak, and/or bluff your way to victory. If you can overcome the mysteries and horrors that lurk beyond our dimension.

Includes a new character flavor (like in the Cypher System): the Plane Walker, by Megan Tolentino and Aser Tolentino. Plus a great selection of new oddities, cyphers, and artifacts that every transdimensional explorer needs. Not to mention a transdimensional bestiary.

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The Tower in the Mist (5th Edition DnD)

The Tower in the Mist (5th Edition DnD)

by John WS Marvin, a classic fantasy adventure comes to 5th Edition DnD!

The healing mists of Fogfen have become cold and twisted, killing the crops and changing the livestock into mutated monstrosities. Long ago, the fogbane was put in place to keep the fog healthy and life giving. The fogbane is supposed to be protected by a group of knights and a bronze dragon, but no one has heard from the protectors in weeks.

The PCs travel up into the mists, to the tower of the knights and dragon, to put things to right. What sinister shapes are moving in the mists? Will the PCs succeed, or become just one more group sent up the mountain that never returned?