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A 13th Age Tarsiss

A 13th Age Tarsiss

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Lightning rod (cursed champion tier wand) Always: +2 (champion). Recharge 11+: When you use this wand, you can cast the wizard’s lightning bolt spell, with a level no higher than your level. Curse: When you use a spell attack against an aberration, the damage you deal heals the target. The curse takes effect whenever the lightning rod is on your person. Quirk: Assume tarsi are your friends.

Remember when we created a new monster partly inspired by the mind flayer? A 13th Age fan asked for a version with 13th Age stats. So here it is! This creature has a 5 tentacle head on top of a humanoid body.


Double-strength 8th level caster [ABERRATION]

Initiative: +15

Hungry tentacles +12 vs. AC50 damage.

Natural even hit: The target also takes 20 ongoing psychic damage.

C: Psychic blast +14 vs. MD (1d3+1 nearby enemies in a group)50 psychic damage and 10 ongoing psychic damage.

Natural even hit: The target is dazed until the end of its next turn.

R: Lightning rod +13 vs. PD75 lightning damage.

Miss: 25 lightning damage.

Resist lightning and psychic 16+: When a lightning or psychic attack targets this creature, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.

Nastier Specials

When the tarsiss is brought to 0 hit points or less, the tentacled head pops off. It has half its original hit points, all its defenses drop by 2, and can only use the hungry tentacles attack.

AC 24    

PD 18     HP 260

MD 22  


Map Preview: That's How the Light Gets In

Map Preview: That's How the Light Gets In

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